Taylor Swift offers breakup advice to valley girl

Taylor Swift knows a thing or two about break-ups. She's written several songs about getting over an old flame.

And this week Swift reached out to a valley woman whose boyfriend broke up with her just days before Valentine's Day with a text message.

We've all been through it, getting dumped sucks, but most people don't expect a pop star to lend them a shoulder to cry on.

That's what happened to one Scottsdale teenager. A few days ago she got dumped in a text message and then wrote about it on social media. That's when Swift came to the rescue with some pretty solid advice for her, and anyone who's heart is on the mend.

"In my generation we go to social media when we need to vent, I'm a girl, I pulled out the ice cream, and I'm just going to type away my feelings," said Kasey Andrew.

19-year-old Kasey Andrew wrote about her heartbreak on Tumblr.

Andrew follows the singer on social media, and Swift follows Kasey. She was shocked when Taylor Swift responded to her post, asking about what happened.

"I just broke down the situation for her, we dated for four months, I was just devastated, I feel crumbled, like this is the worst thing I feel like ever to happened to me, she told me to block him," said Andrew.

Swift's advice went on for several paragraphs saying there is nothing wrong with avoiding people who hurt you. "Protect yourself please, I'm so sorry this happened," wrote Swift.

Swift also created a breakup playlist for Kasey, music encouraging her to get over the guy and move on. The titles include Stay Away and Begin Again.

With her heart nearly mended Andrew wants to share Taylor Swift's inspiring words with other heartbroken souls on this valentine's day.

This isn't the first time Swift has reached out to her loyal fans.

In the past, the pop star sent one of her fans a check to help pay her student loans, and paid for a birthday party for another fan.

As for Kasey, she says she is perfectly happy spending this Valentine's Day single with her family.

Kasey's story is being shared all over social media.