Teen, 14, dies after being hit by vehicle near Peoria High School

Police say a teen has died after being hit by a vehicle in front of Peoria High School on Friday morning near 83rd and Peoria Avenues.

"Preliminary investigation shows that the pedestrian was walking west across north 83rd Avenue and was crossing in the crosswalk with the crosswalk lights flashing.  The driver of the mini-van was traveling northbound on 83rd Avenue and failed to yield to the pedestrian in the crosswalk," stated Sgt. Brandon Sheffert.

The 14-year-old freshman was rushed to a hospital with serious injuries, where he was later pronounced deceased.

"What I saw was shocking. All I saw was the child thrown on the ground," said a woman who lives in the area, identified only as "Inez", in Spanish.

A man, identified only as "Manuel", also lives in the area. His wife heard the crash.

"My wife initially thought it was a shooting, and so, they both ran to the corner of the street to see what was happening," said Manuel.

Sheffert says the driver of the vehicle was not injured and stayed at the scene after the collision. 

"The Peoria Police Department’s Traffic Services Unit is still investigating this incident; however impairment does not appear to be a factor in this collision, speed and distraction are still being investigated at this time," said Sheffert.

No arrests have been made and no citations have been issued, according to Peoria police.

During the investigation, 83rd Avenue was closed between Cactus and Grand Avenue.

No names have been released in this case. Counselors were on campus Friday.

Manuel said the area is chaotic and sometimes dangerous before and after school for students, and even sometimes the drivers.

"What happens is one side of the road will stop and not the other side, so that is a problem and the yellow light doesn't help. There should be a red signal light there," said Manuel. "There's a lot of u-turns. Kids just dart across the street, basically. They're on their cell phones."