Teens accused of sparking brush fire in Phoenix

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Fire officials said a couple of teens playing with fireworks spark a brush fire that could have had some serious consequences.

On Tuesday, the fire burned close to homes in the area, and crews worked quickly to put it out.

"I was completely unaware that there was a fire there," said one person living in the area, identified only as "Loretta".

Loretta was at home when the brush fire started to burn on 65th Avenue and Happy Valley.

"How the firefighters were trying to keep it away from the houses, I said, 'oh my gosh, that's right here'," said Loretta.

Loretta said a brush fire has never started behind her home. The fire was accidental, and according to fire officials, three teens admitted to starting the fire after sparking up fireworks. 20 acres were burned in the fire, and two state land firefighters suffered minor injuries.

"It's just too bad that anyone is so neglectful and incognizant of their own actions," said Loretta.

The teens, two girls and a boy, were released to their parents. There is no word yet if the teens will be charged, but fines can range up to $1,000 for the misdemeanor.