Tempe concert venue Shady Park and senior living community reach agreement to end lawsuit over noise

A settlement has been reached in a years-long dispute between a senior living community and a concert venue in Downtown Tempe.

The dispute, which we have reported on in the past, involved the Mirabella at ASU senior living community and Shady Park, a popular concert venue. For months, senior residents at Mirabella at ASU complained of the loud music coming from Shady Park, which eventually led to quarreling and lawsuits.

As a result of the settlement, officials with Shady Park will implement enhanced sound abatement measures to reduce the impact of noise, while still hosting concerts.

Officials with both Shady Park and Mirabella at ASU said they will not be discussing the settlement terms, in detail.

ASU students react to settlement

Shady Park officials say they will now work with the City of Tempe to quickly acquire the building permits for additional sound mitigation measures. At that point, the music will be allowed to return.

News of the settlement, meanwhile, is music to the ears of ASU students.

"I've been there for a few DJ sets myself and I love it, my friends love it, the community loves it," said ASU Junior Ryan Captain.

"We’re pumped to see the news," said an ASU graduate student named Brady. "They teased it on Instagram yesterday, so it’s pretty cool."

Full joint statement on the settlement from Mirabella at ASU and Shady Park

After a yearlong dispute between Mirabella at ASU, a senior living community, and Shady Park, the concert venue across the street, a resolution has been reached. In doing so, Shady Park will implement enhanced sound-abatement measures at its venue in a way that will both preserve the ability to host concerts while reducing the impact of noise on the surrounding community.

As a result, the parties will ask the Superior Court to dismiss the lawsuit between them later today.

"We're thrilled to find a win-win resolution," says Tom Dorough, Executive Director of Mirabella at ASU. "Our goal was a solution that worked for both parties. This agreement will keep the music going for Shady Park's fans while letting surrounding residents get a good night's sleep. It's a great result for the community and the City of Tempe."

Shady Park's owner Scott Price says, "We've always been committed to being good neighbors. This resolution will allow us to once again host proper live music events while addressing our neighbors’ concerns. We're glad we were able to work with Mirabella to achieve this and look forward to welcoming everyone back to shows at Shady Park for years to come."

The agreement ends any pending litigation and allows both parties to move forward. The settlement terms are confidential, and Shady Park and Mirabella will not be providing additional statements or granting interviews to discuss the joint resolution.

Shady Park will now begin working with the City of Tempe as expeditiously as possible to acquire the needed building permits so that the additional sound mitigation measures can be implemented and live music can return.

Shady Park

Shady Park