Tempe high schools offer mental health aid to students

TEMPE, Ariz. (FOX 10) - High school can be tough and now more than ever, teens are struggling with mental health.

"I have a lot going on in my family and especially when I come to school and there's all these people I can feel looking at me, it doesn't help," Emma Connoloy said.

"I definitely have a lot of issues with motivation and I have a chronic illness, so it's conquering pain and conquering what I need to do to get ahead in school and keep on track," Kathryn Becvar said.

Tempe Union High School District is putting a new effort in place to change that this school year with what they call "Mindfulness Rooms." They're a private space where any student can sign up to talk to a trained professional on staff.

"We have seen a lot of kids who have been struggling in the last few years, and we're trying to find ways to give them something better that they can do," Jennifer Liewer said.

Ways like working through those heartfelt emotions and ways to combat the pressures teens face.

"With this place that we can come to and just let everything and just open up to new ideas, it gives me a sense that I do belong and I can be comfortable with who I am," Connoloy said.

"With this kind of meditation it really brings me back to Earth and I can really speak what's on my mind," Becvar said.