Tempe organization has Arizona's first ever mobile laundry unit for the homeless

For most of us, doing a load of laundry is a chore. But for those struggling with homelessness, it's a luxury not usually afforded to them. And that is, until now.

Through grants, fundraising and donations, the Tempe Community Action Agency was able to buy a 20-foot trailer that's equipped with four washing machines and four dryers. It's the first of its kind in the entire state of Arizona.

"This makes hem feel more sustainable. It helps them feel better about themselves. As far as the services we provide for the homeless, this is an important and key element in that," said Janet Seegren with TCAA.

The mobile unit travels to a different location every day, mainly to churches that the organization works with.

"It's one of many resources we provide to help them address barriers to finding and keeping a permanent home," said Deborah Arteaga, the executive director of TCAA. "It's amazing. The washers and dryers are humming and clients are taking turns. It's one of many life skills that the program teaches, so you have to have the resources and also support the clients with the skills it takes to live independently and to be successful."

TCAA is simply helping change lives one load of laundry at a time.