Tempe PD: Sexual assault suspect bitten in groin and stabbed with a knife

Police are calling a victim 'brave,' after she stabbed a man she says was trying to assault her, Officials say the victim also bit the man in the groin area.

It was quick thinking, with the victim trying to find ways to get her phone in her hand, according to police, to alert a friend. Eventually, she alerted someone, moments before she was able to get away.

On a Tempe street, police first ran into Deionta White, who was stabbed and bleeding. According to court paperwork, Deionta quickly went from victim to suspect, with authorities saying he assaulted a woman in her home earlier this month.

"She did everything she possibly could, given the situation she was under. I can’t imagine what that was like," said Sgt Hector Encinas with Phoenix Police.

White and the victim have known each other for years, according to police investigators, and the victim reportedly filed a protective order against him in July. Since then, they say he was arrested twice for violating it, and was involved in 10 police calls for service.

Authorities say White demanded money first over a phone app, but the victim was able to text a friend 911. Then, police say he sexually assaulted her. During that, she grabbed a knife and stabbed him.

"In this case, the victim responded very bravely to that situation," said Sgt. Encinas.

Rosalie Hernandez with victim advocacy group A New Leaf says protective orders can be important to have but, at the end of the day, victims need to be prepared.

"Somebody is determined to want to cause harm or violate orders, they will do just that," said Hernandez. "Do you have to be 10 steps ahead of the game, making sure people who support you are aware, place of employment is aware, things like that."

White is facing multiple charges, according to Tempe Police officials. They say while White was arrested twice for allegedly violating the protective order, it takes three convictions before it turns into a felony. Officials also say they have victim advocates who now respond to scenes like this to help.

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