Thanksgiving meal preparations underway at St. Vincent de Paul

Thanksgiving will look a little different this year for many, especially for those providing meals to those in need during the holidays.

“Just days before Thanksgiving, there would typically be hundreds of volunteers here at St. Vincent de Paul getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner. Although the volunteer staff has been limited, the thanksgiving meal here will go on," said Danielle McMahon, director of food services at St. Vincent de Paul.

She said dining rooms are typically packed with people and filled with live music. Of course now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, things are going to look different.

But, one thing that won't look different is the thousands of people in need being served hot meals. Only, it'll be in a to-go fashion.

“It will all be to-go meal service points. Our guests will walk through, grab their packaged turkey dinner to go. A lot less volunteers. Just really trying to make sure everyone stays safe and gets an awesome Thanksgiving meal at the same time," McMahon said.

4,000 meals are expected to be served and preparation is already underway, with McMahon saying, “Slicing turkey, making green bean casserole, stuffing, gravy, cranberry, rolls. Everything that you would have in your typical holiday meal, they are having here with us.”

It's because of donations, these meals are still able to be provided.

“Thanksgiving is a big day that’s talked about a lot, but we’re going to be here the day after and the day after that so we really need that community support to keep coming in," McMahon said.

For more information on the meals, visit this link.