'The Art of Water' on display at Phoenix exhibit

Christina Park says her work is her happiness.

"I love my job, it's absolutely amazing being able to work with artwork, also artwork that speaks to the people," she said.

As the art collections manager for the City of Phoenix, she oversees 1,200 pieces in 24 municipal buildings throughout the Valley, even at city hall, where "The Art of Water" is currently on display.

"It's all about how we work living in cities and how the water is incorporated with our daily lives," she said.

Christina says the exhibit shows how artists view the way we consume water as a society -- the relationship between resident and resource.

"For me as a resident of Phoenix, I like to think if I turn on my tap, water just flows out, but there's a really long back story about how water gets from Colorado and the dams and gets to us and then how it flows back out," she said.

It's also a look into history where some pieces spotlight those responsible for bringing water to the Valley.

"And it's really a nod that the fact that the Hohokam were here first and that they created these canal systems that then we mimic with our canal systems," she said.

It's all made possible by friends of Phoenix Public Art, and the city encourages everyone to come enjoy their beautiful collections of artwork.

"If you're in downtown Phoenix going to one of our amazing attractions or museums, please stop by," Park said.