There are about 85 car crashes each day in Phoenix – city to launch program to address issue

The City of Phoenix covers 500 square miles, and with millions of drivers on the road, some are bound to run into each other, literally. 

However, the latest accident numbers prompted officials with the city to launch an action plan.

"We get nearly 30,000 crashes per year, and on average, that's about 85 crashes a day," said Kini Knudson, who heads the City of Phoenix's Street Transportation Department.

"A lot of accidents I see throughout the Valley, and it's scary. It kind of makes you scared to get behind the wheel," said driver Rachel Ochoa.

Knudson also says there is a fatal crash every other day.

He says the city is moving to make streets safer and the city's Street Transportation Department will be improving several areas, including high crash intersections.

Work begins in December at 75th Avenue and Indian School Road, 16th Street and Camelback Road, and 19th Avenue and Southern Avenue.

The department's roadway safety action plan is also taking community input on the city’s website.

"We know we're going to hear people are speeding. We know we're going to hear we can improve street lighting. We want to figure out what are the investments were going to be able to make to reduce injuries and fatalities on roadways," said Knudson.

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