Thieves steal child's holiday inflatables in Glendale

On Dec. 20, we reported on vandals who deflated a number of inflatable holiday displays in north Phoenix, and on Dec. 21, we are hearing from Glendale residents who says grinches took off with holiday displays that were installed right in front of homes.

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The Torres family says seven-year-old Elias loves his inflatables, and he was absolutely torn to see some in pieces on the morning of Dec. 21.

"I started collecting them at three years old," said Elias.

"He asks for them for his birthday, he asks for them for Christmas," said Elias' mother, Celina Torres. "When we offer to buy him something to celebrate, it’s often inflatables."

In all, family members say three inflatables, including a little dachshund, were stolen. Five other displays were damaged beyond repair.

"It was heartbreaking because a lot of them weren’t made anymore," said Celina.

The thieves, according to family members, tried to make off with as much as they could. In the process, the Torres believe they tried to pull an inflatable from the ground, and ripped it to pieces.

"Stealing is not OK," said Elias.

Despite what happened, the Torres says their holiday joy is not deflated.

"We talked to him about the power to choose, and to not let them steal our Christmas spirit," said Celina.

The Torres have filed a report with the Glendale Police.