Thieves steal Phoenix woman's distinctive motorcycle

A surveillance camera has captured the moments a woman's prized possession was taken by thieves.

Video from the camera, which captured the suspects riding off with Camey Walker's 2008 R6 motorcycle, was hard for her to watch.

"I cried when I saw the guy ride off on it," said Walker."You know you don't really get to see someone take your stuff often."

The incident took place at around 11:00 a.m. Monday, when the suspects broke into Walker's home near 7th Street and Baseline, through a backdoor. The suspects reportedly rifled through the house and took things of value, including Walker's son's Xbox, and her daughter's tablet.

"For you to take that, go into my kids' room and take their stuff, and they're riding off on my bike, giving thumbs up to whomever: no, that's not right," said Walker.

Although the key to the bike was hidden, the suspects managed to find it. The bike is worth approximately $6,000, but it is insured. Walker is a member of the Phoenix Chapter of the motorcycle group Ruff Ryders, and often takes her bike, which features hot pink rims that light up, to charity events.

Several members of the club came over to support Walker, and to help her secure the backdoor that the suspects damaged. Walker said the measures helped them feel safer.