Three arrested, six injured at civil rights protest in Phoenix

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Phoenix city councilman Sal DiCiccio had asked the city manager to revoke any permits for tonight's protestors and he wants demonstrators to wait at least a week to show respect and safety for police and citizens due to the events in Dallas.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton released the following statement about the planned demonstration:

"This planned protest scheduled for this evening outside Phoenix City Hall is not a city-sponsored event. The event organizers did not ask for and do not need a permit, or permission from the City, for an event like this.

There is a painful but very critical national discussion happening regarding the relationship between police and the communities they serve, and I believe Phoenix residents should be heard.

However, in light of the horrific events in Dallas, I also believe - that for safety's sake - the organizers should reconsider their plans and hold off on this event until another day.

If the organizers choose to go forward and exercise their First Amendment rights tonight, the City of Phoenix will do everything in our power to make sure the public, and our police officers are safe."

At least three people were arrested for throwing rocks at officers, and six were people injured. The three people arrested have been identified as Andre Hendrix, Christian Soto and Devin Brooks.