Tips on preventing your car from breaking down in the Arizona heat

The heat is back in Phoenix and auto shops are already seeing an uptick in heat-related breakdowns, so experts are giving tips on how to keep your car running all summer.

If you have been driving in the last couple of weeks, you've definitely seen more rubber on the road and possibly more breakdowns. A lot of this is due to the heat, but it turns out, it's preventable.

Experts say now is the time to get prepared for the worst.

"We have seen tire blowouts, some engine damage due to overheating," said David Martin, owner of Martin’s Auto Repair.

Summer is by far the busiest time of year, he says, and the increase in cars coming into the shop has already begun.

"In the wintertime, we probably see 50 cars a day," Martin said. "In the summertime, we probably see 70."

Why? He says this is caused by the heat, but also because drivers are not keeping up with their maintenance.

So what do you do? Martin says first thing's first – get it in for a maintenance check as soon as possible.

"Maintain your car on a regular basis, get an oil change and inspection by a shop that does everything," he said.

To avoid breakdowns, test your battery because the summer heat will drain it. Check the fluids in your car, and the tire pressure.

He also adds that it's important to park in the shade as much as possible, saying all of this will help save you from an expensive bill and inconvenience later on.

"You want to make sure everything is in tip-top shape because at 115, your car is working," Martin said.

With Memorial Day Weekend coming up and many people are hitting the roads to head out of town, this is an important week to check your car before you go.

Summer travel gas prices going up

Along with the heat, gas prices are way up. Experts predict gas prices will be the highest they have ever been for the holiday weekend.

The national average, according to Triple AAA is $4.59. In Arizona, it's above that average at $4.88.

Gas Buddy predicts the prices will rise as the week goes on, hitting $4.65 as the national average.