Travelers at Sky Harbor respond to results of security checkpoint tests

Passengers at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport are reacting to new that undercover investigators with Homeland Security were able to sneak nearly 70% of dangerous items through airport security checkpoints.

The recent test is an improvement to other tests. In 2015, TSA screeners failed 67 out of 70 tests.

Many passing through Sky Harbor said they feel safe in terminals after going through security, but hearing the statistics that came out on Thursday was worrisome.

"It's security theater," said Adam Denning. "Just making us feel more secure when we fly. I don't think it's doing anything."

"That's pretty scary," Colin Crothers. "I don't know the story about it, but when I hear that, it's kind of alarming. Someone who just got off two flights, you hate to hear that."

"It's scary, but it's also not surprising," said Denning. "You just talk to people and they're like, 'oh, I forgot my pocket knife in my pocket, and security didn't catch it'. You hear those kind of stories all the time so not surprising at all."

David Pekoske with TSA said the findings are alarming.

"We take the OIG's findings very seriously, and are implementing measures that will improve screening effectiveness at checkpoints," said Pekoske.

Some of those improvements include new technology like CT scanners, which display 3D images to the agents, making it easier to detect dangerous items in carry-on bags.

These scanners are already being tested in Boston and Phoenix. Even so, travelers at Sky Harbor said they believe there needs to be better regulation and rules that everyone is aware of, before entering security.