Travelers escape to sunshine and warmth as second nor'easter hits east coast

A storm like the one hitting the east coast is one that causes major travel chaos. Many cities in the northeast are major hubs.

At JFK Airport in New York, they saw whiteout conditions and thousands of flights have been canceled. And it's having a ripple effect across the country.

So Fox 10 Phoenix went over to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport to see the impacts.

Fortunately, travelers from the northeast had no problem ditching the snow for some sunshine.

The region is yet again getting hammered by their second nor'easter in just a week.

One man at Sky Harbor named Jerry says last week's storm was brutal. When he heard of another storm, he decided to make some travel plans.

"It was like tornado-type winds. Ninety mph winds. Trees blowing over everywhere. It was just devastation," Jerry said. "We moved up our flights so we made sure to get here."

And other Bostonians are just tired of old man winter.

But one person happy to live in Phoenix is Randy. She experienced the two storms when traveling to and from New York.

"We flew in with a storm and flew out with a storm," Randy said.

And after some time out east, she said she is looking forward to nice, warm weather.