Trial for former Mesa police officer accused of murder continues

A former Mesa police officer charged with second-degree murder was back in court Thursday and he's expected to take the stand once again.

Brailsford is accused, in connection with the shooting death of Daniel Shaver. On Thursday, the prosecutors tried to chip away at Brailsford's experience and credibility. Brailsford maintained his decision to shoot was justified, and that his training on the use of force dictated his actions.

The state, meanwhile, called a retired Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) turned use of force expert to the stand, who explained that a man with a gun is a threat, and that a person who is starting to point a gun at someone is an imminent threat.

Along with training, the expert, testified, officers must use tactical awareness, saying that officers are taught that the perception of a threat, alone, does not justify use of force.

The defense rested its case on Thursday, and closing arguments are scheduled for Tuesday, which is followed by jury deliberations. If convicted, Brailsford faces a maximum 25 years in prison.