Truck carrying Christmas merchandise for Scottsdale store targeted by thieves

A high-end furniture and home furnishing store in the Scottsdale Promenade was targeted by thieves.

Someone made off with its truck, which contained several thousand dollars worth of holiday merchandise for the upcoming Christmas season.

The truck was reportedly taken Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, and it was later found empty off 72nd Avenue and Camelback.

Paul Folk, who owns the store, said around Christmas time, they offer items that can't be found anywhere else, which is why they begin to prepare now.

"It's spectacular," said Folk. "There's 47 to 50 trees each year, and it's done like you've never seen before. I know that sounds arrogant but its true."

The box truck they were using was locked and left outside the store when thieves broke into it. Folk said the latch was broken, and a screw driver was used to start it.

Folk said he's keeping an eye out on on several websites to see if any of his unique items pop up for sale. He also said he will operate with more security.

"We're going to attach a boot to the truck wheels every night, so it will not be drivable," said Folk.

Folk said, however, that Christmas will not be ruined, as they they have already reordered all the merchandise. Folk does, however, want to see the criminals prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.