Two men suspected of posing as firefighters to seek donations for California wildfire victims

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- There is a warning out about two men suspected of posing as firefighters in Northern Arizona, trying to solicit donations for those affected by the California fires.

Firefighters in Central Arizona say they are aware of the alleged scam. Folks say they are collecting money for fire victims in California, but they may be lining their own pockets instead.

"In our area, we were made aware some individuals driving around, stopping our people, saying they were part of a wildland fire unit but wouldn't identify themselves, and said they were collecting money for victims of the wildland fire," said Scott Freitag with Central Arizona Fire and Medical.

The two men were reportedly driving a green truck, and they might be wearing some official-looking firefighter gear. Officials say people should not believe the hype.

"They say they want to collect money for victims, but are actually taking the money for themselves," said Freitag.

There is a better way to donate to people in danger, via established charities that you know and trust.

"Red Cross, Salvation Army, those have been around for years and work with communities," said Freitag. "Check the background. If you want to donate, check it out before you give money. If somebody is calling you, that is not us. If they are stopping at your door, that is not us either. That is not the way that we work."