Unclaimed veterans laid to rest at national cemetery in Prescott

15 veterans whose remains went unclaimed are no longer forgotten, as the vets were laid to rest with the dignity they deserve.

The veterans' bodies were given proper honors here at the national cemetery in Prescott. Although not much is known about the veterans, it is known that they served the country, and the ceremony held on Friday is well deserved.

"It's just hard for me to believe that no one claimed these heroes' bodies," said Bob Ingram, Post Commander with the American Legion Post 40 Chino Valley.

Dozens of people lined Highway 89 in Chino Valley Friday afternoon, right outside the American Legion Post 40. Many people were waving flags, and others were standing at attention as the the bodies of 15 unclaimed veterans pass, making their way from Kingman to the cemetery in Prescott.

"That makes me feel great. A lot better than when I came home," said Ingram.

"Taking their bodies up that far, and they're showing their appreciation to America and that's so cool," said one person.

It's part of the Missing in America Project.

"Some of them are Vietnam veterans that have died, World War II," said Ingram. "Actually today, one of them is a World War I veteran."

These veterans have been unclaimed, possibly because they were homeless or had no living relatives, among many other reasons.

"As a veteran, I hope I don't get pushed aside, and as the daughter of a veteran, I would not want to see my family treated that way," said Beverly Sanchez, the secretary of the Riders chapter of American Legion Post 40

Whatever the reason they veterans are here isn't important. What is important is they're now home with their fellow brothers and sisters, properly laid to rest.

"With everything that the veterans have done for America, they deserve as much recognition back and a show of appreciation as they can get," said Sanchez.