Under fire for racist comment, Redden resigns as Onalaska superintendent

Less than one week after Lynn Redden posted a Facebook comment in part saying, "you can't count on a black quarterback," he has submitted a letter of resignation to the Onalaska Independent School District Board of Trustees and will no longer serve as superintendent.

The comment was in reference to the performance of Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson after the team's NFL Week 2 loss to the AFC South Division rival Tennessee Titans.

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A Facebook post has caused the Onalaska superintendent to now resign from his job.

Saturday morning the Onalaska board of trustee met to discuss accepting former superintendent Vernon "Lynn" Redden's resignation. Days ago a Facebook comment was reported where he said, "you can't count on a black quarterback", which was in reference to Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Now in a resignation letter he writes:

"As an educator, this experience has taught me that I still have a lot to learn. My comments were not only uninformed but also hurtful I understand now why they were offensive just so many people. I'd like to apologize directly to Deshaun Watson. I recognize that given the opportunity to respond by criticizing or belittling me, he chose peace and positivity instead. In spite of the terrible position I put him in, he showed himself to be the kind of role model I'd be proud for any of my students to follow."

Those attending the board meeting had mixed feelings about his resignation.

"I don't believe it was a racist comment I just believe it was an insensitive comment and a mistake, what he said supposedly was supposed to be in private among friends if he lost his job over this because of a statement he made to a friend then where do we stand as a people, we can no longer, there's no free speech, so I don't believe this was intentionally hurtful I don't believe he was a racist I just believe he made a bad choice", says Tony Kelley.

Willie White who is the chairman of Democratic club for Polk County says, " I hope the students will understand that what he said was inappropriate and unfortunate and that there are consequences for situations".

Documents show Redden will still be paid for all personal or leave days and that the district will pay for any legal representation if need be.