Valentine's Day: rainbow roses popular this year

It's a day when folks are scrambling to get those flowers for the love of their life.

"I like the big assortment because it definitely puts a smile on somebody's face... it's her thing, they're not red, they're pink, she's kind of a different girl. Which is a good thing, but I love her so much, and we're going to a restaurant tonight," said a customer.

"It's sort of like working in a department store at Christmas time, you have a totally different perception of the holiday it's exciting and it's a buzz inside the store, but it is also exhausting," said Eileen Watters.

About a dozen rows or so are packed with flowers, candy, balloons, you name it. All ready to go out for Valentine's day.

"Colored roses are doing very, very well. Red is beautiful, but they're looking for something a bit different," said Watters.

Tie-dye roses and blue roses are popular, but no matter the color, big for some are better.

"I'm a big flower guy and I go everywhere, Walmart, Safeway, this place always has the best flowers, fresh I mean. Like the flowers when you feel them they're always pretty hard so they'll have a hard life," said one man buying flowers.

"I think the cutest thing is to see the guys come in, especially with the bigger guys, and they're like I need some roses for my wife or girlfriend, they're just so sweet about it, it's really touching," said Watters.