Valley 2nd-graders use grant to learn about solar energy

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Learning is supposed to be fun and these second graders had a blast putting their best guess about solar power to the test.

"I think my hypothesis when it goes into full shade, it will immediately stop," one student said. "If it goes into the partly shade, it will just slow down a little bit."

"Cars right now are running on gas that makes it pollute," another student said. "We're trying to get cars that run on electric."

"We're working on being further leaders, solving problems in our world," one student said.

Second-grade math and science teacher Bonnie McCarthy applied for a grant with APS and the Phoenix Suns. This year, grants will fund $48,000 in innovative STEM projects for 4,500 students statewide.

Ms. McCarthy received $750 and purchased these solar cars.

"It's a huge part of it, hands-on tactical learning, it sticks with them, they really understand more about the process, what's happening, they can see if their guess actually works," she said.

The mission of the mini-grant program is to introduce more students to STEM subjects in a new and innovative way through hands-on classroom projects, ultimately resulting in a more tech-savvy workforce.

Ultimately helping out future leaders be more savvy about making the world a better place.