Valley doc sees rise in heat related ER visits

The hot weather is leading to more people being taken to Valley hospitals.

"The weather is always going to win when you have a fight like this," said Eric Katz.

Dr. Eric Katz is the chairman of emergency medicine at Maricopa Integrated Health System in Phoenix. He says with record breaking temperatures in Arizona it's not the time to push your limits when it comes to outdoor exercise.

"The temperatures we're seeing this week are really beyond what we're used to dealing with... you don't really understand what you're getting into," said Katz.

Dr. Katz says even if you drink plenty of water the big problem is when your body's core temperature gets too high, and your body begins shutting down.

"They can have muscle aches, they may stop urinating, stop sweating, those are signs that you're reaching the end of your rope in terms of staying safe from the heat," he said.

Katz says it's best to avoid any prolonged activity during the heatwave and if you have to get in your workout, maybe hit an air-conditioned gym instead.

"When I think of the hikers who overdo it, I think of people who are trying to tough it out, or think they're stronger than the elements. The first thing they realize is it's not the case," said Katz.