Valley eatery featured in national spotlight

A local favorite is being shared with the rest of the country. Food Network's Guy Fieri stopped by "Tom's Thumb Fresh Market," and the restaurant will be featured on "Diners Drive-In's and Dives" Friday night.

"Who knew a gas station of 93rd Street and Bell would have the best BBQ in town.

"We like BBQ, and we love BBQ, and we have roots that come from the southeast," said Kip Lassetter.

Kip Lassetter owns Tom's Thumb that is connected with the gas station and car wash, an unlikely combination.

But he knew this Scottsdale corner was special, now the rest of the country will too. A visit by Guy Fieri officially puts them on the map on Diners Drive-In's and Dives.

"The cameras are rolling and then guy just shows up; you don't meet him before. He doesn't come over and introduce himself, he literally shows up next to you and your cooking, and you look over, and there is some strange guy with funny hair," said Kipp.

A visit was three months in the making. The place shut down for a day, and Kipp remembers it vividly.

"That day was absolutely a scene out of Kitchen Nightmares, because we had an incident in the smoker where we had beautiful meat for Guy to show up, we had a malfunction and that is the only time it's ever happened in 3 years of operating that smoker. And all the meat dumped into the bottom of the smoker," he said.

The barbecue is just a piece of the success of Tom's Thumb, there're delectable desserts, and a large boutique as well.

The restaurant is having a viewing party at Tom's Thumb on Friday, February 6, 2015 from 7-9 in the evening.