Valley family victimized by solar power scam, loses several thousand dollars

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Several Arizona families have been victimized by a solar power scam. An assistant pastor and his family spoke to us and told the story of how they were bilked out of $24,000.

They thought they were going solar, but the company that was supposed to install the solar panels on their home is nowhere to be found. The Attorney General is now investigating.

The Glendale family wanted these solar panels to reduce their energy cost but unfortunately, because of the situation, they're currently paying for solar panels they don't have as well as their energy bill.

"They hired dozens of reps, set everyone out, got tons of sales and then bailed," said Pastor Jason Feeser.

Feeser is with Calvary Phoenix and is talking about Chicago-based solar company AEOS Energy Incorporated. Back in November, he purchased solar panels from the company. He took out a $24,000 loan to fund the entire project. After giving them the money, he says he didn't hear much from the company.

"We were just told it's going to happen," Feeser said. "It's going to happen and they kind of kept pushing it back."

Then in February, his rep called him with some bad news. They said he'd been scammed. Feeser then reached out to the owner.

"We got a call from the CEO, John Kirkland, saying, 'Hey, we're slowing down operations in Phoenix [and] we don't have money to reimburse you at this time.'"

After this, Feeser got an email from the company's attorney saying the company didn't have the funds to repay him. Feeser isn't alone - several other families filed complaints with the Arizona Registrar Contractors where a judge recently ruled in their favor.

"[They] suspended their license," Feeser said. "Which now opens up the door for us to pursue, hopefully Lord willing, the ROC relief fund process, but that can take a lot of time."

The company's website is still up, but their phone lines are no longer in service. We reached out via email, but no one has gotten back to us.

The Attorney General's office has been notified of the situation and the family is hoping that somehow their loan can be put on pause for now until everything is worked out, which could take some time.

Some words of advice if purchasing solar - make sure it's a reputable company, never pay in full until the project is complete and make sure there is a completion date on the contract.