Valley grandpa invents disinfectant spray

Just in time for cold or flu season in the battle to fight germs, a Valley grandfather has invented a disinfectant that is 99.9 percent effective.

Two years ago, Tom Luzader took two of his grandchildren to dinner, and they begged him to let them have fun in the play center. Knowing they would come into contact with germs, he gave them hand wipes. But he became concerned about lingering germs on the playground equipment. He says he found a lack of government oversight for play areas.

He created Elephant Armor, a spray made with a mixture of silver ion, citrate and water. The colorless and odorless substance is sprayed on play areas, which are then wiped down. Luzader says that tests show bacteria and germ levels are nearly non-existent once the spray is used.

He's hoping that schools and day care centers will start using the product as well.