Valley man heads to southern California to assist Red Cross with wildfire

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Red Cross volunteer Bob Lucas was ready with less than 24 hours notice.

"They said, 'Can you go tomorrow?' he said. "I said, 'Yes, I'm always ready to go.'"

This 8-year-veteran with the non-profit has answered the call for help in Texas, North Dakota and even Flagstaff, Arizona. He's headed to the airport bright and early Friday morning to board a plane to California where the Blue Cut Fire has ravaged tens of thousands of acres in the Cajon Pass area and left thousands homeless.

"He's safe, where they are they wouldn't put a disaster shelter in a dangerous area," said Bob's wife, Marlene Lucas.

Bob says his previous experience in other cities will prepare him for the Blue Cut Fire.

"I've been to fires in Flagstaff before, so this will be similar," he said. "The people are so grateful just to have anywhere to stay. They're totally lost."

When he lands, Lucas will report to the Red Cross headquarters in Ontario and will be assigned to one of two shelters.

"It's really amazing because you realize how lucky we are, that's the reason I do this for Red Cross," he said. "Some day I'm hoping if I have a disaster, somebody will do it for me."

Lucas was asked to stay and help for the next two week but says he's prepared to stay longer if needed.