Valley man reunited with 2 of 5 dogs stolen in 2018

TEMPE, Ariz. (FOX 10) - It's been nearly a year-and-a-half since we reported on five stolen French Bulldogs. They were just puppies at the time. But we have some great news - two of the five Frenchies have been found and are finally home.

Goat and Bruiser made an appearance at Animal Kingdom Pet Store on Saturday, the same place two men from them from a year-and-a-half ago. One family is happy to be reunited, and they traveled two-and-a-half days to California to get these Frenchies home.

Chris Kriaris remembers Jan. 10, 2018. Surveillance video from that day shows two men go through the back door of Arizona Mills Mall. Tempe police say the men stole five French Bulldog puppies from Animal Kingdom Pet Store using a large trash can. Kriaris just bought a handsome Frenchie named got who had to stay at the store on a 14-day hold while medicated.

"It was a horrible thing to go through," Kriaris said. "Days went into weeks [and] weeks went into months - and you do lose hope."

But earlier this week in Antioch, Calif., a woman found two of the five dogs running in the street - Goat and Bruiser. Their microchips had them flagged a stolen. Kriaris' wife got the surprise phone call.

"My wife says, 'We'll go pick them up right now,'" Kriaris said.

The next day was a road trip from Arizona to Northern California. Two-and-a-half days later they came back with Goat and Bruiser.

"I noticed when we first got to them that [they're] inseparable," Kriaris said. "And to break them apart is not an option."

Yin and yang, Goat and Bruiser are healthy and happy. But three other Frenchies remain missing 18 months later.

"We're hoping that the other three, somehow with this case right now where it's at, that maybe it can be reopened and they can find the other three," Kriaris said.

Tempe Police is reopening this case to find the last three dogs. They're microchipped as well.