Valley mom turns tragedy into life lesson 10 years after son's death

Conor Costello was bright and articulate.

His mom said he was creative and inquisitive, but at the age of 13, unbeknownst to his parents, Conor tried marijuana for the first time, which led to a lifetime of opioid addiction.

"Just from the age 13 to age 24 it was just a wild ride of just addiction," Bridget Costello said.

From pills, Conor's mom says he turned to heroin.

"The last year of his life he probably had five overdoses and eventually he went to rehab, and this time it really was about him getting help, that he wanted to do it for himself, and he was there 30 days and he returned home, used heroin once, and died," she said.

On January 14, the For the Love of Conor Brunch is a way to celebrate his birthday and give back.

"I believe he'd be very proud, very proud of what we are doing," Bridget said.