Valley ski shops busy as snow expected for northern Arizona

With more rain expected in the Valley, that means the high country could be in for a cold treat, while has skiers very excited. 

"I'm going to hit the slopes this weekend. I can't wait," said Kane Eustance, a customer.

As rain hits the Valley over the next few days, there is only one thing on people's minds, snow in the high country.

"Came to get snowboard, going up on the weekend," said Eustance. 

Kane Eustance came to Ski Pro in Mesa to prepare for a fun-filled weekend. 

"I'm just looking forward to being up in the mountain enjoying the fresh air and enjoying some time with my girl and hanging out," said Eustance. 

It's opening weekend at Snow Bowl.

"It's going to be super slammed but it's going to be super awesome," said Eustance. 

Rumor has it that Snow Bowl starts their snow tonight.

Tom Tanner, Marketing Director at Ski Pro, says customers are flocking in.

"People are feeling like they want to go, opening weekend is this weekend, they're going in, get their stuff tuned, equipment gear setups," said Tanner. "People are antsy as soon as the rain starts they know it's going to snow up in the mountain."

The ski shop says that while their main objective is to get people prepared for the weather, safety is a big concern, making sure if you're heading to the high country to be careful with the weather conditions.