Valley students get big surprise from the Cardinals

The students at Herrera Elementary School gathered inside the performing arts center this morning for a big surprise.

"Football players need equipment, we need to equip kids (with) notepads, pencils, bags, binders," said former Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Frank Sanders. "We're trying to make sure they have everything they need like a football player needs a helmet, shoulder pads; they need these supplies for school."

Former Cardinals receiver Frank Sanders helped pass out backpacks filled with much-needed school supplies.

"We have approximately 640 students that attend here and it varies, we have a lot really high social economic, we have a lot of low social economic students that attend this school," Principal Kevin Sotomayer said.

Principal Sotomayer says Herrera is a title-one school, so every donation makes a huge difference.

"It's providing leadership, it's helping to fundraise and make donations though Cardinals' charities, it's getting our corporate partners involved, so there's many way we give back," said Steve Ryan of the Arizona Cardinals.

The Cardinals say for the team it's all about giving back and giving the kids a chance at success.