Valley teen asks date to dance in a big way

Prom is reaching new proportions, high school teens are coming up with elaborate ways to ask their dates to the big dance. Students at Marcos De Niza High School in Tempe are getting ready for their prom, and one student pulled out all the stops when he popped the question.

It may sound excessive, but these two valley seniors say they'd rather exchange experiences than material goods.

"A lot of people just assume that it's just some random kid asking this girl spontaneously just with a trip and we laughed at it just like anyone should, but no one really knows how long we've been going out," said Thomas Maher.

In fact Maher and Analise Wilfert are anything but strangers, the high school sweethearts have gone out for 3 1/2 years, and even though it was a surprise trip, this isn't out of the ordinary at least for Thomas.

"Everyone knows he's always been the creative one that always does something unique, I mean that's just how his personality is he just likes to go above and beyond," said Analise Wilfert.

In true above and beyond fashion the 18-year-old social media fanatic posted a poll on Twitter asking which one: Mexico, Hawaii, or California. To no one's surprise Hawaii won by a landslide with 1,600 votes in total. It didn't take long before people knew what they were voting for.

The couple agrees it's more than a promposal, it's proposal for more time together in a special place.

"We love going on adventures together and now that we've gotten into the GoPro videos, it's just a new opportunity to go new place, have new adventures, and make new memories, especially before college," said Wilfert.

Speaking of the college, the ASU and UofA bound two-some say their next several trips will be up and down the I-10 to visit each other.

The couple has been to Hawaii before, they went there with their families freshman year. Thomas, Analise, and his parents take off to Kawaii on May 25.