Veterans compete in Invictus Games

A valley veteran is competing in the second annual Invictus Games in Florida.

Staff Sergeant Daniel Crane from Chandler got the honor of competing in the games in Orlando.

"He won third in rowing and rowing with one arm is not an easy task," said Travis McQuade.

Crane joined the US Air Force in 2007, he was stationed in England, then Qatar, and then Turkey and Guam. While in Guam he was shot in the arm and underwent several surgeries to try and save it.

"He was less functional with an arm that didn't work, so he decided to voluntarily amputate, because of his passion for crossfit and functional fitness and competing and stuff like that," said McQuade.

When Crane came back to the United States he dedicated himself to crossfit and now he works out at Crossfit Forever Strong in Chandler.

"He's one of our coaches, everyone love shim, he's super energetic, real good with form technique, and just all around a good solid guy inside and outside the gym," said McQuade.

Now Crane is representing his country once again, not on the battlefield, but in track and field.