Victim says thief broke into apartment through closet wall

Police in DeKalb County are looking for a thief or thieves who broke into an apartment by going through a bedroom closet.

The incident happened last Friday in Eastwyk Village near Decatur.

The victim, Wanda Gladney, said she noticed the damage when she returned home from work. She said someone stole several items, including her wedding ring, a gun, and electronics. Initially, when she called the police, Gladney told FOX 5's Marissa Mitchell she and officers couldn't figure out how the person got in because there was no evidence of forcible entry. But later she found out while cleaning her room, which was left in a mess after the burglary.

"I moved my clothes back [in the closet] and there's the wall wide open," she told Mitchell. "My heart dropped. All I could do was run."

Gladney is calling for more security measures at the complex because the entry point was through a vacant property next to hers. FOX 5 News has yet to receive a statement from complex management about her concerns.