Video shows rodent at Twin Peaks outdoor bar in Glendale

GLENDALE, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- Talk about an unappetizing sight at dinner! A man eating out on Monday in Glendale recorded something on his phone that has a lot of people talking.

The video shows a rodent, and although it wasn't crawling over food, the guy said he was definitely alarmed to see it at one of his favorite restaurants.

Patrique Peralta said he took the video, as he sat at Twin Peaks Bar and Restaurant in Glendale.

"It was the biggest rat I've ever seen," said Peralta. "Yeah. Look at the video. The tail is long. Huge. Yeah, it was the size of a kitten."

The Twin Peaks location in Glendale is partially an outdoor bar, and it's impossible to keep pests out. This, according to a manager who says the "rat" was probably a field mouse. The manager also said this part of Glendale is known to have a lot of them. Peralta, however, says it was definitely a rat, and he was so rattled, he finished eating his meal.

"I for sure finished after that," said Peralta. "I lost my appetite for the rest of the night."

Maricopa County Environmental Services oversees and inspects restaurants, and the Twin Peaks location in question had two critical violations involving food storage temperature. Environmental Services officials are encouraging people who see things to file a complaint.

"We would conduct an inspection," said Johnny Dilone. "We would see if there are any mouse droppings, if there were any mouse or rats or hole in the wall that would indicate there's a problem."

Meanwhile, the restaurant has issued a statement on the incident.

Peralta has said he likely won't return to this restaurant to eat.