Volunteers worked hard on 'home away from home' for people getting cancer treatments in the Phoenix area

Volunteers worked hard on April 12 to get a brand-new Mesa home ready, where cancer patients will live as they undergo treatment.

When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, they go through many emotions and concerns, but Banner and Christopher Todd Communities wanted to make sure finances were the least of the patients' worries.

"We were blindsided in such a good way," said Jac Conant. "Like, you have to be kidding me!"

Jac and Carol are enjoying their new home, where they will live while Jac undergoes his cancer treatments. The house was donated by Christopher Todd Communities, with the house being used for the 'Home Away From Home' program from the Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center.

"Patients that travel from a long way to the cancer center need lodging nearby, and we found that financial consideration can be a barrier to their care," said Lsinda Lotz with Banner.

Cancer patients facing financial difficulties will be able to stay at the home with no cost, as they undergo their treatments. For Jac and Carol, the home means so much. They have been living in their van, and knew they would need a little more space for Jac to recover, during the summer months.

"I could normally say this is just a house, but this is a sanctuary," said Jac.

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