Warby Parker Solar Eclipse Glasses free giveaway starting April 1

Popular store Warby Parker has announced they are giving away free solar eclipse glasses for the upcoming big event!

The glasses, which are ISO-certified solar eclipse glasses, will be available at all their stores from April 1 until the big day, while supplies last. 

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The store said they will provide up to two pairs per family, while supplies last. 

To get the glasses, you will need to go to a store and pick them up. 

Warby Parker photo from website

Photo of eclipse glasses from Warby Parker website

According to their website, there are seven stores in the Greater Houston area. Click here to find a list of locations. 

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As a reminder, if you are planning to see the eclipse, do not stare directly at the sun, even if you are wearing sunglasses, unless you have specially designed eclipse glasses. 

Be sure to stay safe and have fun while viewing the eclipse.