WATCH: Man steals snake, stuffs it down pants

A man who stole a $200 snake from a pet store in Oregon was caught on surveillance video stuffing the snake into his pants before walking out of the store.

Christin Bjugan of A to Z Pets in Portland said she spent the day Saturday reviewing all the surveillance video after the ball python was stolen and that's when she spotted it. The man reaches into the snake tank, puts the snake down the front of his pants, then walks out. "There's cameras everywhere and you'd think that people would see them," she said.

Bjugan said she's seen this man in her shop before. This time he was with a blue haired woman, who appeared to be in on the theft.

Police are now searching for the suspect and the snake. "He's lucky it wasn't feeding day, feeding days are on Mondays. And they're very hungry," said Bjugan.