Watch: Motorcyclist crashes after 'taunting' deputies

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and Bay Area law enforcement officers are reminding riders to follow the rules of the road. The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office released motorcycle helmet camera video from a crash in January.

The terrifying footage is a reminder of how dangerous driving recklessly on a motorcycle can be.

The sheriff's office says the video shows a group of motorcyclists "taunting" deputies on U.S. Highway 19 in Clearwater. The camera belonging to the 21-year-old motorcycle driver, Ryan Decubellis, caught the incident.

The video shows him weave in between vehicles at such a high speed that it's difficult to see a car that has pulled onto the roadway ahead of him. The motorcycle slams into the front passenger side of the vehicle, sending the motorcyclist flying off his bike.

The rest of the video is a blur of lights as the motorcyclist flies through the air. He was taken to the hospital with serious injuries but has since been released.

The sheriff's office says deputies, who were passed by Decubellis before the crash, didn't have time to pursue him before he crashed.

Decubellis was charged with reckless driving with property damage and personal injury as well as no motorcycle endorsement. He pleaded guilty to the charges.