WATCH: U.S. Aid worker risks life to rescue Iraqi girl from ISIS firefight

(FOX News) -- New video shows a former special forces operative-turned-aid-worker rescuing a six-year-old Iraqi girl from the middle of an ISIS firefight. Dave Eubank of the Free Burma Rangers was in the battleground city of Mosul when he risked his life to rescue the child.

Eubank said that over the past few months, ISIS has been murdering more and more civilians.

"We were there because we think that's where God sent us," Eubank said of he and his team.

>>VIDEO: Man rescues Iraqi girl

He said he saw living people among the dead in the streets, and spotted the girl and two other men.

The video shows Eubank coordinate with two armed partners who provide cover fire as he runs toward a pile of bodies and snatches the girl, running back to seek refuge behind a tank.

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