'We're just trying to survive': Phoenix store selling Russian, Ukrainian goods worried for future

The gunfire and explosions in Ukraine might be far away, but its impacts are being felt on 32nd Street and Shea Boulevard in north Phoenix.

Yasha from Russia, a takeout deli and grocery store, has been serving the Valley since 2001 with customers from both Russia and Ukraine.

"It’s a hard time for everybody, people are very emotional right now," said owner Nerik Gadaev. "We’re just a small business trying to live our lives."

With war between the countries, Gadaev is staying out of it, but the impacts on his business are real.

"Everything we do, the majority of the products we do get are imported overseas from two places going to war," Gadaev said. "We have a lot of Ukrainian products and Russian products."

Now he fears that as the war lasts, his ability to operate will get harder.

"We’re on the phone with one of the suppliers," Gadaev said. "They were able to get 14 containers to leave before … the war started, so they already had 14 containers. We’ve been trying to get imperishable items to stock up for at least a few months."

Beyond the impact of sanctions, Russian products already in the U.S. have been targeted by businesses and politicians. Many liquor stores are removing Russian vodka to stand in solidarity with Ukraine.

However, Gadaev says his business is a part of the Phoenix community.

"We’re just trying to survive," Gadaev said. "That’s it, basically. It’s hard enough as it is with all the other things going on today."

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