Wild crime spree in Phoenix: Suspect accused of robbery, kidnapping, assaulting K-9

A man is behind bars, accused of a wild crime spree that included robbery, holding several children hostage and even assaulting a K-9 officer. The suspect even led police on a pursuit and several people captured the whole ordeal on their cell phones.

The pursuit took place on the streets of a west Phoenix neighborhood. The man behind the wheel of the stolen vehicle was 25-year-old Malik al-Saedi.

Police say al-Saedi had just robbed a Subway restaurant before fleeing into area near 35th Avenue and Northern. That's when he went door-to-door, looking for an unlocked door and a house to hide out in. He eventually found one. The home had four children inside, ranging in ages from 6 to 14. He ordered the children into a bedroom and held them hostage, while he changed clothes.

Moments later, the father of the children showed up and fought with the suspect, but was hit by a baseball bat.

"And the dude took the man's car and he started going off and the cops were trying to stop him, but they couldn't," said a man at the scene.

The suspect began circling the neighborhood in the stolen car with officers hot on his tail. At one point, he stopped and a K-9 officer jumped in the vehicle. The dog bit al-Saedi's arm and he took off from the scene, dragging the animal some 200 feet before crashing the car.

The K-9 officer was slightly injured and al-Saedi was eventually taken into custody. He is facing a slew of charges, including armed robbery, kidnapping and aggravated assault.