Willis-area deadly shooting by deputies under investigation

Both the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office and Texas Rangers are investigating a deadly shooting where a deputy fired his weapon on Canal Street in the Willis area.

Deputies arrived at around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday in response to a reported trespassing case where a female broke into a home where she did not live. When the deputies arrived, they found the woman acting belligerently and not cooperating with them.

As the deputies spoke to her, she revealed that she was holding a knife. The deputies told her multiple times to put the knife down, but they say she refused.

When the woman with the knife walked toward one of the deputies, two of the other deputies fired their weapons at her.

She was treated for her injuries and was administered first aid, but she died as a result of her wounds.

No deputies were injured in the shooting.

Neighbors say she always seemed disoriented, and would say strange things as she walked through the streets. They say she thought the home belonged to her. Kenny Ward tells Fox26 "The girl, well the girl was removed from the house where she was found about two months ago. They had to call the police to remove her from the house. She thought that she owned it which of course she didn't and the owner actually evicted her."

The Montgomery County District Attorney's Office is also conducting an investigation.