'Wind was too strong for my lips': Man's hilarious skydiving pictures go viral

What better way to celebrate your birthday than conquering your fears and jumping off an airplane-- this man did!

Jeff Addo celebrated his 27 birthday in a very unconventional way, he went skydiving to face his fear of heights. As proof of the huge achievement, the daredevil posted pictures of the experience, which quickly went viral-- his facial expression was priceless!

Most people would probably not even dare posting a picture that does not capture their "good side" but as Addo said, "Life is short don't be self-conscious post the funny stuff too."

"The amount of love on this picture is unmatched. Laughing is healthy for the soul." Addo said, "A world full of so much hate I'm so happy to see people laughing all over the world and enjoying positive energy."

Here's to living life on the edge-- literally!