Witness sought after by Scottsdale Police in connection to sex assault near Old Town

Scottsdale Police are asking for help identifying someone who they say is a potential witness in a sexual assault that happened in October at an apartment complex.

Police say a woman in her 70s was violently assaulted near Drinkwater Boulevard and 3rd Avenue near Old Town Scottsdale. 

"So what we are asking for now is the public's help. We are asking for help identifying a potential witness that may be related to the incident, that can help us out to solve this crime," said Sgt. Kevin Quon with Scottsdale Police.

Police are trying to find a man seen on surveillance video walking out of the San Marin Luxury Suites & Apartments. The footage was taken back on Oct. 12 around 7 a.m.

Unidentified potential witness to a crime at a Scottsdale apartment complex on the morning of Oct. 12, 2022. Photos by Scottsdale PD

"Due to the nature of the incident being a violent sexual assault, we're looking for all leads. It just happens the person is in the complex during that time, so it is a witness for us. We'd like to see if they know anything," Quon said.

Neighbors in the area say they were shocked to hear about the incident and had received an email about it from management. The complex is home to hundreds of units.

Scottsdale Police say the fall weather may entice people across the Valley to open windows and doors, but want to remind people to close them when they are not home or at night to prevent potential crimes.

"Make sure that you are protecting yourselves at all times," Quon said. "Enjoy the weather but make sure that you have security measures in place."

If you know anything about this incident you're asked to call Scottsdale Police at 480-312-5000 or submit tips to the department's tip line at 480-312-8477.