Woman arrested for shooting ex-husband in north Scottsdale

A man has been shot at a home in north Scottsdale, and police have arrested the victim's ex-wife.

Police say 59-year-old Rhonda Cerny was arrested for shooting her ex-husband. She and her husband are divorced, according to law enforcement. Scottsdale Police responded to a home on Happy Valley Road after receiving a 911 call from the victim's adult daughter, saying her mother had shot her father.

Officers say the man's injuries are serious, but he is expected to make a full recovery. Investigators say Cerny went into the home while her daughter waited outside and pointed a small caliber handgun at her ex-husband. Police say there is no indication that Cerny's daughter knew about her mother's intentions. After he was shot, medics responded and the man was rushed to a nearby hospital.

The names of the daughter and the victim have not been released.