Woman heartbroken after her dog went missing following burglary incident Friday night

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- A bizarre burglary has led to heartache and a desperate search for one Phoenix woman.

"He immediately came into my house," said Susan Pickering." I was not home. He busted in my door. Wood all over the living room."

Pickering says a man kicked in her front door and got into her house on Friday. Neighbors called police, who arrested the suspect at her home. Pickering, however, is upset because she says police released the suspect the next day. Although the suspect didn't steal anything, Pickering still lost something very precious.

Oddly enough, when Phoenix Police got there, the suspect was sitting on Pickering's couch, watching programs on her TV set. The next day, Pickering says police called to say they dropped charges, and let the suspect go.

"I was very apprehensive because I don't know what he looked like," said Pickering. "Anything about him. Does he live in the area? I don't know. Yes, I was very nervous."

And then, there's Pickering's dog.

"My dog sleeps by the front door, and when he busted in the front door, I know she freaked," said Pickering. "I know she did and she's gone and I cannot find her."

Pickering has scoured the neighborhoods around 7th Street and Northern Avenue since Friday night, putting up flyers and checked all of the shelters, but no luck. She says Hanna, a Queensland Heeler mix, is microchipped. She is very friendly and walks with a slight hitch due to a leg problem.

"She was a rescue to begin with, and now she's out on the streets again, and it breaks my heart that I can't find her," said Pickering.