Woman helps brides without a dresses after Pearl Bridal's closing

A dozen brides found themselves without a wedding dress for their big day after Pearl Bridal Shop abruptly closed their doors.

Now, one valley woman is offering her own dress to the brides in need.

"If I could just help somebody else walk down the aisle and feel beautiful, that's all I need," said Rita Moore.

It's been years since Moore walked down the aisle, but she says she can remember it like it was yesterday. That's why when she saw Pearl Bridal closed its doors leaving brides without a gown for their special day, she knew right away how upset the brides must be.

"To have to go through all of that and the anxiety and the feelings and everything and to not have your dress, oh my god it would be devastating," Moore said.

That's why Moore says she's more than willing to donate her dress to a bride impacted by the sudden closing. A bride like Kandy Mitchell.

They have all the money and I have no dress and my wedding is in four days," Mitchell said.

Moore adding that even though she has daughters of her own, these women need help now.

"I have two daughters, but they're not at the point right now where they're going to be getting married anytime soon and it's just more important to me for these women that are. I can always help them get a dress later," Moore said.

If you'd like to donate a dress or learn more, a Facebook page has been set up to help the brides.