Woman who lost husband in deadly car crash speaks

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- A woman is mourning the loss of her husband, after a deadly crash over the weekend.

The accident happened early Sunday morning, ner Camelback and 91st Avenue. 32-year-old Joel Agostini was in the left turn lane behind three other cars to turn onto 91st. Glendale Police say 26-year-old Luis Espinoza slammed his pickup at high speed into the line of cars killing Agostini.

Espinoza also died in the wreck.

Agostini leaves behind Kayla, his wife of five years, and their four-year-old son, Joel Jr.

"Now my son doesn't have his dad, and he was a really good dad to our son. He was great. On his Facebook, that's all you see is pictures of him and our son," said Kayla. "I think that people don't think about -- they're selfish. People don't think about what their choices do to other people. Yeah, the other guy, he passed away as well, but they put so much pain in other people's lives, and affects so many people's lives. It is sad."

Joel Agostini's GoFundMe page